Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it's a been a long time

shouldn't've left you left you
without a dope beat to step to step to

ah yes...well here i am world. back again. sometimes technology is confusing to mice. sometimes the mouse fears a crowd. sometimes the mouse is a granny. but not today.

today, we set up a twitter account. and the days before that were setting up an ETSY account. ooooo ahhhhhhh.....

what next my pets? oh maybe a flickr. i here those are popular with the kids these days. now that i've turned on and have all this contact with the world, will the world turn on to me?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Send me to Bogota!

please vote for me on this website:

my username is jmutt27

and thanks!

keepin' the old ball rollin'

-just finished three painting repairs, woo woo! cross that off the list.

-worksies at the cafesies and THEN...
painting for mom? goats? sloths? aprons?

there's still no overhead light in the studio and only one lamp. (one outlet, a fallen-in ceiling = kind-of-out-of-commission-studio) and i have to get up at 5a.m. to work the Athens Farmers Market. so we shall see what we can do.
not a terrible start though, eh?

i would tell you more but the dog is beating me up with a slobber wet toy. :) ya'll have a good day, now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


today's exciting drawing project is a sloth eating spaghetti tattoo design! which is appropriate as i'm moving about as slow as one today. whoa, pollen, whoa.

last night we worked on this tattoo design we're working on for Laura Mann:


-pints and paints tonight! the mouse is going in solo to represent 1000Faces. fun!
-tomorrow Andre Gallant will be coming by the cafe to interview the mouse so she can enter this:
http://www.sendmetobogota.com/please vote for her! we will be bugging you more about this after the entry is up. get ready. send me to bogota!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

progress report

will commence tomorrow. progress has been made, though, we assure you.
-finish 2 of 3 tattoo design sketches
-start etching glass for jared's window
-pints and paints!

hopefully a ceiling light will be put back in the studio on thursday so we can work on art repair and a painting of goats for a friend of mom's. :) cause did we mention the ceiling caved in on our studio? well....it did. and we're making a mess of the living room/boyfriend's study.
tomorrow! the end of the world (ala murakami)!

a shout out to our shout out

this is the blog for the farm SWD interns at, the same farm that is related to 1000Faces Coffee (where the mouse makes latte art and rent), and the very same farm that supplies the delicious and sustainable Farm255 restaurant in downtown athens, ga.

ch-ch-ch-check it out yo. and take note of the mouse-made sign at the bottom. :)


this morning the mouse met with i art athens founder Jillian to discuss the prospect of the mouse joining the team. we are happy to report the meeting went super-well!
if you have time, please check out their website: iartathens.org
it's an awesome organization that helps under-privileged kids/teens find a voice through art. do you know how important that is? have you read catcher in the rye? it's like being holden caulfield but poor and discriminated against! let's show the future generation that it's not full of phonies. let's save their lives, ya dig? where would the mouse be if it weren't for interested parties saying "you have a place in this world! make art! be seen! be heard!" it is important to remind teenagers of this. it's easy to get pushed down. let's help 'em back up!
we're taking a stand. we're going to teach and fight for beauty and art and things made with your two little hands! because being encouraged and having an input in this world is important.
it really does save lives. take it from one who knows :)

did we mention we're excited to be getting in on the action?

-business cards have been dropped off.
-drawings to commence after lunch
-come back later tonight to check our progress!